Who Would Win War, Saudi Arabia Or Iran?

The Question is if war breaks out between Iran and Saudi Arabia, then who will win this war? The answer is that the winner of this war will largely depend on how the war is fought.

If we critically analyze the position of both countries, then we shall come to know that both countries are significantly different from each other in terms of capabilities of their militaries and size. It seems that Iran could start a war any time soon, if it happens, then Saudia will give their strongest response for sure. Owing to this war, the peace of the region would be in extreme danger, may be more countries could engage.


Iran has much larger military than Saudia Arabia, composed of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Artesh normal military. Its military has an estimated 350,000 soldier and is backed up by the air and navy branches. It’s not end here, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has a fighting force of 125,000. The IRGC will also makes heavy use of aerial drones, and missiles for sure. Iran’s defence budget is considered to be as one of the largest in the world at $69.4 billion. But it is also a fact that Iran’s defence technology is way behind than other states. Air force of Iran operates old platforms such as the F-5 and F-14, Iran’s armoured divisions are also old mix of pre 1979 US tanks (M60A1) and old Soviet-era tanks (T-72). Iran purchased these tanks from Russia after the fall of USSR. Iran has been unable to modernise its defence capacities. The IRGC Navy’s vary in size and can deploy missiles, which includes 107 mm rockets, or anti-ship cruise missiles. Ballistic missiles, such as the Zulfiqar, with a 700 km range, and the Shahab-3, with a 1,600 km range are threat to Saudi Arabia.

Saudia Arabia:

Saudi Arabia features a small armed military as compare to Iran. Air force, naval force and strategic missile branches are controlled by only one Ministry of Defence. Alongside National Guard, Royal Guard, and Border Defence Force, Saudi Arabia’s military also boasts nearly 250,000.

In the past, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been engaged in proxy warfare since 2011, this war begans in Syria, and then, followed by Yemen. But in the end both nations had taken the decision that direct conflict is not in their interests, that’s all changed with what Saudi Arabia has alleged was an Iranian drone attack on a Saudi Aramco oil facility which forced nations around the world to resort to petroleum reserves as global supply took a hit.

Sources: TRT World

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