Saudi father executed for slaughtering young daughters

Saudi Arabia/Makkah: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) executes Bandar bin Ali al-Zahrani, a Saudi citizen who slaughtered three daughters in Makkah province, by beheading.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the killer father slit the throats of three young daughters in 2018 with the use of a sharp knife. The girls were as young as six, four, and two years old. “In a gruesome act, a Saudi citizen in Makkah’s Al-Malawi district slaughtered his three little daughters and tried to kill his wife before neighbors came to her rescue.”

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Upon completion of the court proceedings against him, the court sentenced the convict to death. Following this, Bandar bin Ali bin Muhammad al-Zahrani was executed on Wednesday, March 16th. 

According to initial reports, concerning the heartbreaking incident, the Nigerian wife of the Saudi convict was hospitalized for treatment in a condition of delirium. The criminal incident was reportedly caused by ‘domestic’ issues. The authorities immediately arrested the thirty-three-year-old convict who was later revealed to be a drug addict. According to the Saudi Gazette, he was allegedly under the influence at the time of the attack. 

Statement to the Police: 

Following the arrest, the Saudi man had claimed responsibility for his actions to the police. According to media reports at the time, he had informed the police that he had been sleepless for three nights because of differences with his wife, who had wanted him to spend more money on the children. He had claimed that these differences led to him slaughtering the little girls with a knife, in the early hours on Sunday.

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In addition, he claimed that he wanted to kill his wife and commit suicide by jumping off the Al-Rawda bridge near his home, but later changed his mind and turned himself in to the police. 

Moreover, the neighbors had said that Muhammad al-Zahrani was not suffering from any psychological illnesses. At the time, a neighbor had heard the Nigerian wife’s cries and went to help her out to find the three daughters soaked in their own blood and the mother suffering from multiple injuries having already been stabbed five times, according to the Saudi Gazette.

Execution under Saudi Law:

According to Saudi media, such incidents are not new. In 2017, a man had killed his two children and pregnant wife. Another man had killed his two sons and wife, the same year. 

A 12-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his father at the entrance of their building. Similarly, in 2016, a man shot his one-and-a-half-year-old child, and another stabbed his fifteen-year-old son to death.   

It is pertinent to note, that the Saudi convict has been executed by KSA authorities following the court orders on Wednesday, March 16th, upon completion of court proceedings. 

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In the aftermath of the attack, Fatima Mohamid Khalil, said she would never go back to her apartment so as not to see the blood of her daughters. Khalil was brought up by her aunt and grandmother who had married her off to Muhammad al-Zahrani. According to the aunt, she had no idea that he could be a ‘violent man’. 

Apart from the killer father, the Saudi authorities have executed 81 criminals belonging to various extremist groups. A statement from the Saudi Interior Ministry said that 81 people had been sentenced to death, including those linked to foreign agencies and Houthi militias, including ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and al-Qaeda, and Saudi and Yemeni nationals.

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A statement from the Saudi Press Agency added, “The defendants were given the right to an attorney and their rights were fully guaranteed under Saudi law during the trial. The country’s judicial system found them guilty of a number of heinous acts, including crimes such as killing a large number of civilians and law enforcement officers”.

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