Saudi soldiers sentenced to death for treason

Three Saudi military officials have been sentenced to death for treason.

According to reports, the three military personnel were sentenced to death today, in a Southern cantonment. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Ministry of Defense has announced the execution of soldiers, Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Yahya, Sahir bin Isa bin Qasim Haqwi, and Hamoud bin Ibrahim bin Ali Hazmi, on charges of treason.

Based on earlier reports, the Saudi soldiers hade been working with in collaboration with the enemy to harm Sauid Arabia. In addition to pleading guilty before the court, they have also been found guilty by evidence.

Saudi Arabia’s Sharia court has sentenced them to death after they met all the requirements of justice and were found guilty. Later, the royal house approved the imposition of a court order against the said persons.

According to reports, the Saudi Ministry of Defense has condemned the treacherous actions of the soldiers. On the other hand, the Saudi Ministry of Defense also said that we are proud of the young people who have taken an oath to sacrifice their blood to maintain the security and stability of Saudi Arabia.


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