SC uploads JCP’s rare audio; insists moot defers not rejects nominees

The audio has been uploaded on the SC website, in a rare, when two judges of the top court asked the SC to issue the meeting minutes of the JCP on postponing or rejecting Controversy


JCP releases audio clip; insists moot defers not rejects nominees

The Supreme Court of Pakistan Friday issued the audio of the meeting of Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) as the matter has now become ‘controverial’.

By issuing another statement from the Supreme Court, the apex court spokesperson claimed that Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial was correct in postponing the meeting of the JCP, contrary to the impression in media that meeting had rejected the nominations of judges.

On the instructions of the Chief Justice, a the audio clip has been uploaded on the SC website.

According to the statement issued, the declaration was made ‘controversial’ by two respected judges of the Supreme Court, after which a controversy arose in the print and electronic media.

The version issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Supreme Court of Pakistan said they Judicial Commission of Pakistan JCP matter has been disputed by two Hon’ble Judges of the SCP, namely, Mr. Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Mr. Justice Sardar Tariq Masood.

A resulting controversy has therefore arisen in the print and electronic media.

In these exceptional circumstances the Hon’ble Chairman JCP has been pleased to relax the restriction under Rule 5(4) of the JCP Rules, 2010 and has directed for the audio recording of the JCP proceedings of 28.07.2022 to be made available on the official website of the SCP.

The audio recording from time slot 1:29:45 to 1:38:08 contains the statement by the worthy Attorney General for Pakistan that the matters under discussion should be deferred to frame the appropriate rules.

He did not assess or reject the merits of any of the High Court Judges proposed for appointment to the SCP.

As a result, 5 members of the JCP supported the deferment of the meeting as reported in the Press Note of 28.07.2022.