Schools reopening schedule released

Lahore, 5th January: Punjab Government has issued the schedule regarding the reopening of all educational institutes.

Baaghi TV: The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training issued a schedule on Tuesday according to which schools will reopen across Punjab from this month.

The 25th meeting of the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC) was jointly held with the Punjab Healthy Ministry and the National Command Operations Centre (NCOC) during which the phased reopening of schools in Punjab, as well as the schedule of examinations in 2021, was announced.

Following schedule was released according to the notification issued:

Schools across Punjab will reopen only for teachers and staff members on 11th January 2021.

Schools across Punjab will reopen from 18th January 2021 for grade 9 to grade 12 only.

Schools across Punjab will reopen from 25th January 2021 for grade 1 to grade 8.

All universities and colleges will reopen on 1st February 2021 across Punjab.

As per this schedule, all schools in Punjab will reopen on January 11 for teachers and staff members to prepare the term’s academic calendar and devise a plan for the implementation of coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) before the start of classes.

The following notification has been shared by the Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas on his Twitter account.

The notification states, “All dates are subjected to regular COVID-19 health status review and updates.”

“All examination boards have agreed to hold the Board exams in the month of May and early June 2021 to compensate for academic losses and the coverage of syllabus.”

The notification added that “all the concerned departments are requested to issue a notification for the implementation of the decisions.”

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