Scientists and Academicians to fight against COVID-19

University Scientists and Academicians are collaborating with the Government of Pakistan (GoP) to fight against the coronavirus. 

In Pakistan, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc and has affected the health conditions and nosediving economy of the country. The number of affected people has gone over 1,550, while 13 people have lost their lives.

Scientists and academicians from leading universities of the country have come forward with the idea of contributing to the cause in their own thoughtful ways.

Campaign Leaders:

  1. Mr. Rehan Younis, Executive Director University of Sialkot (USKT)
  2. Mr Kashif Zaheer Kamboh, Lobbyist and Faculty Member at Riphah International University
  3. Mr Rehmat Ullah, Director ORIC, University of Sialkot (USKT)

Institutions: More than 20 Scientists from Riphah University, Quaid-e-Azam University, University of Sialkot (USKT), Punjab University, and PUMNH are collaborating for this cause.

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Methodology: Exchanging ideas, proposing some pro-active measures and approaching various stakeholders for execution.


  1. Advocacy for Quality Sanitizer:

    Earlier there was total fraud and cheating regarding sanitizers in the market. There was no brand in the market making and selling sanitizer with 70% active contents showing on label too. The scientists identified this issue, proposed write strategy and spread this message across the board sensitizing the government to take strict measures against low quality sanitizers. Now, few brands started writing 70% active contents on label but there is lot of cheating yet going on.

  2. Valid Information about Corona: 

    The scientists quickly realized that most of freely shared information about coronavirus is incorrect. They volunteered to validate information that is being shared in public now. Thousands of people started trusting and sharing information coming from this source as reliable information. The supervised information is shared on different social media tools as well.

    However, the people now send information to this group for verification before sharing further. The students and general public are requested not to share everything that add confusion and tension. The people must access information validated by this group of scientists or from authentic sources only.

  3. Doctors App: 

    This group is informed that doctors treating corona patients are not connected with each others and not able to exchange their experiences and learn from history of recovered patients. A group of development team under supervision of Dr Sabeeh from USKT planned to develop an android app under the supervision of medical doctors. The work is started and in 1-2 days all doctors will be able to share and exchange ideas with each others.

  4. Ventilators as Big Problem: 

    The group was informed that high death toll in Italy is also due to shortage of ventilators. They developed a team of scientists to plan and develop local ventilators. The big company making surgical instruments in Sialkot consented to invest if some viable design is emerged.

Notably, the teams are working day and night to bring a prototype ventilator quickly.

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