Search for Missing Climbers to Continue on Monday

GILGIT, Feb 07 (APP): The search operation for the well known climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara and two foreign climbers who went missing while trying to climb the world’s second-highest peak K-2 would continue on Monday.

The three mountaineers: Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mehar have not been contacted since they began their journey from Camp 3 to the K-2 peak between Thursday and Friday night. Sajid Sadpra, the son of Muhammad Ali Sadpara after the search operation told media that he and Chung Dawa Sherpa, the head of Seven Summit International Expedition, joined the search operation with the rescue team of Pakistan Army helicopters on the Abruzzi route of K2 and other places but could not find any trace.

According to Sajid, the rescue and search team searched for an hour and the helicopter flew to an altitude of 7800 meters. He added that at altitudes above Camp 4, they faced difficulties due to low visibility and wind blowing at a speed of 40 km per hour. Sajid Sadpara added that Ali Sadpara and his companions had an accident on their way back after submitting K-2. He informed that they had reached an altitude of 8200 meters when they last contacted with the base camp.

There are little chances thay any one would survive for three days without equipment in this season but the search operation could be done to bring the bodies, Sajid added. Sajid Sadpara said the Pakistan Army and the families of foreign climbers played an important role in the search for Ali Sadpara and missing climbers.

Another rescue team including four climbers: Fazal Ali and Jalal from Shamshal, and Imtiaz Hussain and Akbar Aleem from Skardu with other experts are also trying to search for the missing mountaineers via the land route.

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