Second Italy-India Flight Finds Over 100 Positive Passengers

A second consecutive incident took place in India when at least 173 individuals were found to be Covid-positive in a EuroAtlantic charter flight carrying 285 passengers from Rome (Italy) to Amritsar (India).

According to the details, a EuroAtlantic Boeing 767-300 registration CS-TST was carrying at least 173 Covid-positive passengers from Rome to Amritsar. Upon arrival in Amritsar, it was noted that at least 210 passengers from the flight were tested, with those tests then being shared with the airport’s director.

“Test results of 210 passengers have been shared with me. Out of them, a total of 173 passengers have tested positive…This flight came from Rome. It landed at around 12.20 pm [Friday] at the airport,” said VK Seth, Amritsar airport director.

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District health authority officials said that all the 173 passengers found positive are being sent to their respective home town districts for institutional quarantine.

As per the rules of the Union Health Ministry, passengers coming to India from “at risk” countries are compulsorily tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at the airport. All European countries, including Italy, have been considered “at risk” by the Union Health Ministry.

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It is to be remembered that a similar incident took place on Thursday (January 6, 2022) where a large number of passengers coming from Italy to Amritsar airport have tested positive for coronavirus on arrival. On Thursday, 125 passengers tested positive for Covid-19.

The high positivity rate on these flights shows just how prevalent Covid-19 has become, with many experts concluding that the rapid spread of the Omicron variant will expedite the transition from a Covid-19 pandemic to the virus becoming endemic.

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