Seeing the devastation caused by COVID-19, cremators express despair

Corona virus has been wreaking havoc across India, leading to a shortage of space in crematoriums, which is causing a delay in last rites of the deceased. 

According to reports, the bleak situation has caused even the cremators to express disappointment and despair. In a video, a cremator has discussed how children and the young are falling prey to the virus. A 26-year-old reportedly passed away, leaving behind her baby. The cremator added that in such a situation we have no option but to cry.

In lieu of the shortage for cremation spaces, the bodies of the deceased are being placed in public places. According to reports, there are long ques of ambulances which is a further inconvenience to people who are being brought in trucks.

A new record is being made in India each day, with 346,786 people being affected in the last 24-hours according to figures released by the Indian Ministry of Health. While 2,624 people were killed after which the number of deaths has reached 190,000. In addition, India is now the second most affected country by the virus.

According to experts, the situation in India is so bad that one person dies every 4 minutes due to COVID-19. While the current wave of epidemics could last for at least 3 weeks, there is a possibility of further increase in deaths.


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