Self-medication not a safe practice: Specialist warned


ISLAMABAD, Oct 16 (APP):As self-medication is an increasingly frequent phenomenon worldwide including in our own country, medical specialist Wednesday warned that self-mediation has a major effect on the patient’s health and the overdose antibiotics could harm various organs.

Talking to private news channel, the in-charge of kidney and other respiratory communicable diseases in Karachi hospital Dr Mujeeb Ahmad said that the use of antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription causes side effects and leads to antimicrobial resistance of the human organs.

Dr Mujeeb advised that people should never buy antibiotics without a prescription, never save antibiotics for later use, never use leftover antibiotics from previous treatments and never share leftover antibiotics with other people.

He said as temperatures dip all over the country masses were prone to catching cold and unfortunately many were inclined to self-medicate, taking antibiotics without a medical prescription or under a doctor’s supervision.

He warned the people of taking medicines to home for self-medication, he said patients should consult to the doctors before, as overdose of drugs like cough and pain killers were harmful for body.

Dr Mujeeb urged citizens to strictly consume medicines from recognized pharmacies and health facilities after obtaining prescriptions from qualified practitioners,” he advised.

Specialist said self-medication at home does not only lead to drug resistance, especially when a drug is used for a long time, but also means postponement of treatment for actual disease as it continues to grow. This also increases chances of death.

Expert says that in most cases, public use over-the-counter medicine without a prescription, with one aim to ease short-term mild-to-moderate pain. The ailments include headaches, cramps, muscle and joint ache and even toothaches. Some use them to lower a fever, for example, if one has a cold, he added.

He said self-medication was the use of medications without prior medical consultation regarding indication, dosage, and duration of treatment.

Dr Mujeeb said that people must know that self-medication was not free of risk, which can increase the burden and out-of-pocket expenses since it may result in adverse health effects that require medical intervention.

Talking about dengue, he explained, it is spread by the bite of an infected anopheles mosquito, spreads more during the rainy season because mosquitoes have more breeding grounds due to stagnant waters and puddles, resulting in the rise in number of mosquitoes.

He also encouraged people to sleep under treated mosquito nets, close windows and doors early, get rid of stagnant water, as measures to keep away dengue.

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