Senate Body to Investigate Claims of Workplace Harassment

Islamabad (9th Oct, 2019): Victims of workplace harassment approach Senate Standing Committee for justice. 

According to reports, victims of harassment at workplace have allegedly approached the Senate Standing Committee on Interior to present their case on the 8th of October. It has been confirmed that the victims have submitted a written application to the Chairman of the Committee, Rehman Malik, who has ordered the Chief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner to investigate.

Moreover, Rehman Malik, Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Interior, has also formed a sub-committee to be headed by Senator Sheikh Ateeq, with the purpose to report all matters to the senate body. According to reports, Rehman Malik has stated that the accused will be dealt with as per law, if found guilty by the end of the ongoing inquiry.

Additionally, it should be noted that more than fourteen cases of sexual harassment at workplace have been recently reported in Polyclinic Hospital. The victims had registered complaints on Prime Minister Citizen Portal as well as with Federal Ombudsperson on Sexual Harassment at the Workplace, respectively.


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