Serene Airplane makes an emergency landing at Karachi Airport

Lahore, 5th April: Serene Air makes an emergency landing at Karachi’s International Airport after developing a technical fault.

According to reports, Pakistan’s private airline, Serene Air made a technical landing at Jinnah International Airport on Monday.

Serene Air’s flight ER-502 flying from Karachi to Islamabad developed a technical fault after which the captain contacted the control tower and made a safe landing at Karachi’s airport.

The airline administration has confirmed that the aircraft landed in Karachi due to a technical fault.
Furthermore, the passengers were shifted to the airport’s lounge and arrangements will be shortly made for their safe departure on an alternative flight.

As per sources, a fault has been detected in the aircraft’s engine and engineers are working to fix it. Sources have also informed that earlier, the second engine of the same aircraft had developed a fault.

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