Sexual Abuse: Gohar Rasheed demands action from the Govt

Sexual-Abuse-Gohar-Rasheed-demands-action-from-the-Govt #Baaghi

In an interview with a leading web channel, Pakistani actor Mirza Gohar Rasheed spoke about the rising abuse against women. 

According to reports, Gohar Rasheed said that with each passing day we see reports of a new tragic incident with the accused are running free because the government and higher authorities are not taking strict action against them. Rasheed argued that the violence and abuse cases are on the rise and he hopes to appeal to the authorities to take action. He added that we have the laws, we have the evidence, we have everything, and yet, the accused are roaming free. 

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The actor commented that we need to take such matters seriously as they are important issues that need strict action and exemplary punishment for the accused. Rasheed added that we need to set a precedent so that the perpetrator would think twice before committing such a crime. The higher authorities should take prompt action so that we can be proud to call ourselves Pakistanis, claimed the actor.  

In the interview with a British broadcaster, Gohar Rasheed spoke about the rising violence and abuse against women in Pakistani dramas. He argued, why don’t we talk about women’s empowerment on TV? Why don’t we show that women can defend themselves? Why don’t we show that a woman doesn’t always need a man? Why don’t we show that if a man slaps a woman, then a woman should slap him in return? 

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Questioning societal depiction in dramas, Rasheed stated that he is against showing violence against women on TV. He added that the purpose of such a depiction is to educate the masses and to convey the message that violence is unacceptable, so we need to show that if a man slaps a woman, he can receive a slap in response and that a woman is not of the weaker gender.

Referencing his on-air serial Laapata, Rasheed argued that we need to present women who can defend themselves, which is why I did the slap scene. it should be noted that the HUM TV drama starring Sara Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Aiza Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, and others has been in the limelight following the ‘controversial’ scene where Sara Khan who plays the character of Rasheed’s wife slaps him in response and threatens to break his hands if he slaps her again. 

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The actor added that our audience is mostly women, especially housewives, so if the narrative in our dramas is the helplessness of women and their oppression, then what is the precedent we are setting? He reiterated, why don’t we show that women can defend themselves?      

Rasheed stressed that electronic media subconsciously influences the viewer that what is being shown is right and we are continuing to make women’s suffering a reality. He argued that we desperately need to change that statement.

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We have made our viewers accustomed to scandals, thrills, and negative characters. We need to re-teach our audience that women have a strong place in society, that a man needs a woman just as much as a woman needs a man.

Rasheed further stated that we need to teach the audiences that a woman is not always oppressed or dependent on someone. We need to teach that a woman can also have a strong personality and be independent. 

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