Shah Salman’s big offer to Nawaz Sharif, a problem for the government?

Baaghi TV: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will not face any problem when his passport expires, there are suitable, respectable and legal options for him. Saudi King Salman has sent an invitation to Nawaz Sharif to come to Saudi Arabia and meet, saying that if Nawaz Sharif wants to stay in Saudi Arabia permanently, Saudi Arabia will welcome him.

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There is a strong possibility that Nawaz Sharif will visit Saudi Arabia soon, albeit not permanently, but to perform Umrah and meet with Saudi rulers Shah Salman and Muhammad bin Salman. In view of the visit, Nawaz Sharif’s staff officer, along with Hussain Nawaz’s personal friend, school fellow and other staff, have arrived in Saudi Arabia. He is busy arranging for Nawaz Sharif to stay at Hussain Nawaz’s residence. During his visit to Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif will be staying with his son Hussain Nawaz.

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According to the report, the British Foreign Office has also given the green signal to Nawaz Sharif that he can stay in London until his treatment is completed, even if his passport expires. Under British law, a person over the age of 60, who is in the UK for treatment, can stay with their family for up to a year and a half after their passport or visa expires.

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According to the report, Nawaz Sharif will definitely go to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with the Saudi rulers for Umrah but will keep his permanent residence in London. The relocation to the United States is being considered as a last resort. However, his chances are slim but his personal and business friend Sheikh Saeed has made plans for possible arrangements. In the above situation, Nawaz Sharif has more than one choice. If Nawaz Sharif wants to move to Qatar, Saif-ur-Rehman has spoken to the rulers there, who have welcomed Nawaz Sharif’s expected arrival. It is very unlikely that Nawaz Sharif will leave London for the United States, Saudi Arabia or Qatar. However, he will definitely go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

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