Shane Warne Exposed After Accusing Saleem Malik!!

Legendary Australian leg spinner Shane Warne, after twenty-five years, has dropped a bomb by again speaking about the subject of Pakistan captain Saleem Malik offering him hundreds of thousands of dollars to save Pakistan players from the retribution of defeat.

According to the details, Australian spinner Shane Warne, in a new documentary titled Shane, revealed that he was offered a hefty US$200,000 bribe by Malik to perform poorly in a Test match against Pakistan.

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However, here are some counters to his claim:

  1. Saleem Malik hammered him to all parts of the ground and even got a double century against him and played him like a little kid.
  2. He claims malik told him to throw the match away but even without all this Pakistan still won.
  3. Shane Warne at that time was making a name by destroying England in the Ashes but soon after that Saleem Malik really tore him apart.
  4. Why hasn’t he spoken about his own talks with bookies with Mark Waugh?? Which went under the carpet by Cricket Australia.
  5. If his that concerned about Saleem Malik and match fixing why does he still call Wasim Akram GREAT given Akram is also part of qayuum report.
  6. His now making money by his (tell all) documentary to Amazon and key to this documentary which they are marketing is this Saleem Malik thing… So, if someone is still trying to make money out of it 25 years later… one would think he would’ve taken the 200k offered by Malik.
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It is pertinent to mention here that Shane Warne’s claims dont add up, it is Saleem malik who played him with ease, he was of no threat. Warne’s past isn’t clean chit by taking prohibited substance to sex scandals to bookies contacts. Its all there!

  1. He has zero credibility as many Australian cricketers often say his a dramatic and a liar.
  2. If Pakistan had to lose its very easy to under perform and lose the game.
  3. They wouldn’t have needed Warne’s help.
  4. But Pakistan won the match and the series.
  5. And this Melbourian is still making money by selling this story 25 years later.
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Its a disgrace! Pakistanis play spin very very well traditionally and they handled Warne very well except 1 innings in that series. No where does it add up that Warne was a big threat to them to pay him to under perform. Proof is there of how malik himself played him in that series was amazing!

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