Shanghai man sent for cremation, found ‘alive’ in body bag

China: Public outcry across Shanghai as an elderly man, declared dead and transported to a mortuary, was found alive in the body bag. Six employees are under investigation over the tragic debacle. 

According to international media, the incident has prompted concern over the city’s medical system during the latest weeks-long lockdown in Shanghai. Six people are reportedly under investigation after a resident of an elderly nursing home was declared dead and transferred to the mortuary in a body bag, but was eventually found alive by the mortuary workers. 

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This incident which occurred on Sunday afternoon has managed to spark a severe backlash and was extensively spread online via footage filmed by onlookers. In the footage shared by onlookers, workers in protective clothing can be seen pulling a body bag out of the mortuary van onto a trolley, before they eventually realized that the person inside is not dead. 

According to the footage, one of the workers said, “Alive! Did you see that? Alive” while another said, “Do not cover him again!”

The incident was confirmed by the Putuo District government, which added that an investigation is currently underway. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Supervisory Commission and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said that five officials including the director of the care home and a doctor, have been included in the investigation. In addition, another local Party official has also been reprimanded. 

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Following the incident, Shanghai Xinchangzheng Nursing Home apologized while the funeral home reportedly praised the employees for noticing that the person was in fact, alive. Moreover, they rewarded the mortuary workers with 5,000 yuan. approximately 600 pounds each.

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According to international media, the elderly patient had been transferred to a hospital and is currently receiving treatment. It is pertinent to note that Shanghai residents are currently challenging the Chinese government’s “draconian” lockdown committed to zero-Covid measures which are forcing mass testing. Following the footage going viral, one commentator questioned what would have happened had the incident not been recorded. 

Another commentator added that care and nursing homes are often a last resort for the elderly, questioning, “Who would dare send their parents to a care home now? And who would dare to live in a nursing home with peace of mind?”

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On the other hand, authorities in Shanghai briefly sought to avoid an extreme lockdown however, the lockdown had to be put in place which has resulted in a plethora of issues including but not limited to food shortages and delivery problems, and others. 

According to the latest statistics, fifty-eight new cases were detected on Monday. Overall, China has reported approximately 368 confirmed symptomatic cases and roughly 5,647 asymptomatic cases. 

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