Sharif Family Should Personally Fight for the Kashmir Freedom Cause alongside LoC

They should show their concern with actions rather than words!

Lahore (7th Aug, 2019): Baaghi TV urges the Sharif family to put their actions before their words. In order to make Pakistan and its people believe in the Sharif family they need to issue a condemnable statement against oppression of Indian Troops, and Narendra Modi, great friend of Nawaz Sharif rather than pointing fingers against PM Imran Khan and his government.

Given the situation in southern Asia, with the growing escalation due to Kashmir issue, the opposition is quick to point fingers towards the current government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Imran Khan, yet, they themselves are not doing anything to help the Kashmir freedom cause. It is high time the Sharif family should act on their own advise. They should personally fight for the Kashmir issue and the people of Kashmir alongside the LoC.

Baaghi TV urges them to not just talk the talk but, also walk the walk. The Pakistani people are all looking to the Sharif family to finally set a good example for once. The public is looking forward to see Shehbaz Sharif, his sons and son-in-law(s), grandsons, nephews and other male family members to drop everything and return to Pakistan immediately so they can spearhead the fight for helping the Kashmir cause of self-determination and fight for freedom by officially condemning the actions of their dear friend Mr. Narendra Modi, the serving Indian PM.

Shehbaz Sharif and his family members should personally break all barriers and crossover into Indian Occupied Kashmir if they want anyone to take them seriously. They should prove their loyalty to Pakistan and its people if they want to be gain anyone’s respect. They must join the brave freedom lovers oppressed under Indian tyranny in Indian Occupied Kashmir and fight against the Indian government and the Indian troops.

The Pakistani nation would love to see Shehbaz Sharif, his sons, son-in-laws, grandsons, nephews and other members of the family lead the cause by flying straight to New Delhi, finding the PM Modi and dealing with him like it should have been done when the Sharif’s were in government, the three terms prior to PM Khan’s. They should prove their loyalty to Pakistan, Kashmir and the people instead of their “Dear Uncle Modi”.

The youngest generation of the Sharif family should know that with fame comes great responsibility and that demands them to take a stand where it is needed, such as with the Kashmir issue. Junaid Safdar needs to personally fight against Indian oppression in IOK [Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir] if he wants anyone to respect him and/or his family.
Moreover, Mrs. Maryam Safdar [daughter of Nawaz Sharif] instead of wasting time on Twitter, tweeting about baseless things and accusing the government should utilize her time wisely by calling back her brothers, and son(s) and to raise a mujahid force. She should prove herself to be a “great” leader by leading them across the border to fight against Indian occupation forces in the Indian Occupied Kashmir by first and foremost speaking up against her fathers’ actions and his loyalty to his state. She must issue a statement condemning him and his dear friend, PM Modi for the atrocities against thousands of Kashmiri people everyday.


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