SHC orders Dua Zahra’s shift to Karachi Shelter Home after she feel unsafe with parents, husband

SHC orders Dua Zahra to shift Karachi Shelter Home


Sindh High Court (SHC) Thursday ordered authorities to shift the Dua Zahra to Karachi shelter home after considering the fact that Dua was not happy with her husband Zaheer and also afraid of going back to her parents.

sHC justice remarked that there was no legal obstacle to transfer Dua Zahra to Karachi.

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Apparently, Dua Zahra is also unhappy with her husband and does not want to live together, the court observed.

Dua Zahra is also afraid of her parents so it is appropriate to stay in a shelter home, the court ordered.

A case is pending in the karachi trial court and the trial court will take the final decision regarding the abduction of Dua Zahra.