SHC rules in favour of teenager girl Dua Zahra, shifts case to LHC

'She is completely free': SHC allows Dua Zehra to decide who she wants to stay with

The Singh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday court has issued a written order in the case of Dua Zahra, a girl rescued from Pakistan’s Punjab province, and allowed Dua Zahra to marry of her own free will.

The written court order consisted of three pages.

The court allowed Dua Zahra to decide on her own, saying that the court had reached this conclusion in the light of the affidavit.

The court ruled that “Dua Zahra can stay with whomever she wants to go or stay with.”

“In the light of all the evidence, there is no case of kidnapping,” he added.

Earlier, reserving its verdict in Dua Zahra case, the SHC refused to order the handover of Karachi girl, who had contracted marriage in Punjab of her free will, to her parents.

During the hearing of the case, Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar said that in the light of Supreme Court (SC) order, a girl marrying against the consent of her parents could not be reunited with them if she had attained the legal age of ‘Nikah’.

“We understand your problem. But now when the girl’s medical report has confirmed that she is an adult, your case is over,” he said while addressing Dua’s sobbing parents.