Sheikh Rasheed inaugurates new train in Karachi

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed inaugurated a new freight train in Karachi today.

Minister for Railways Shiekh Rasheed Ahmed adress to railway servants after inauguration and said “During the first year of incumbent government, the traffic of freight train has been doubled while the number of passenger of Pakistan Railways has also been increased.”

Railways Minister said that speed of trains has also increased it was 160 Km/h earlier now speed meter run at 200 Km/h.

Sheikh Rashid said new and latest technology equipped signal system is in final stage we will launch it soon.

Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad also claimed that Pakistan Railways would run bullet trains in the country during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

Sheikh Rasheed was very hopeful about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s China visit later this month he said “we have high hopes that he would come back after finalizing the ML-1 project, after which, we will also construct ML-2.” He had also claimed to run ML-2 bullet train during PM Khan’s government.

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