Sheikh Rasheed urges ‘establishment’ to call early elections

Former Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed while addressing a mammoth public gathering at Parade Ground said that he had said Salam (‘good bye’) to all of his friends.

Sheikh said that at this age of his life he was with Imran Khan.

He claimed that just as Pakistan’s army is the voice of the whole country, so now Imran Khan is the ‘voice of the whole country’.

Sheikh said that he has not seen such passion in politics in his entire life which he has seen in Rawalpindi today.

S. Rasheed is known for controversial statement said that he was not making these statements to please Imran Khan.

Former interior minister said that leaders do not born every day.

“I ask all the intelligence agencies, I ask the establishment to call early elections because they (the current government) cannot run the country,” he added.