Sialkot incident: Police arrests 118 people, including 13 major accused

Sialkot incident: Police arrests 118 people, including 13 major accused #Baaghi

Baaghi TV: 118 people involved in the tragic Sialkot incident, including 13 accused of dragging the body and taking selfies, have been arrested.

In a press conference with IG Punjab, Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar said that arrests of those involved in the murder of Sri Lankan factory manager for alleged blasphemy are currently underway.

Punjab government spokesman said that 118 people including 13 main accused have been arrested. More than 200 places were raided within 24 hours. He further added that justice must be ensured and the accused shall be punished accordingly.

A man named Talha, accused of stirring up the mob, was taken into custody and transferred to an unknown location.

On the other hand, police have so far arrested more than 1115 suspects with the help of shared videos. Preliminary report of the Sialkot incident attributed  to ‘religious extremism’ has been sent to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab. It is noteworthy that religious extremism has defamed and earned disrepute to the country time and again.

The initial report said that a religious sticker was affixed on a machine in the factory. The manager asked the staff to remove the sticker due to foreigner visit. When the employees refused to do so, the manager removed it himself.

On the other hand, the Punjab government submitted a preliminary report to Prime Minister Imran Khan in this regard, in which it was stated that 112 accused including the main accused have been arrested so far. The police also arrested citizens who engaged in the violence and have started further investigation.

The report further said that the accused were arrested and shifted to an unknown location for further investigation. With the help of factory managers, those involved in the incident were identified.

Along with the Prime Minister, the report of the Sialkot incident was also sent to the Chief Minister of Punjab, stating that the incident of beating started at 11:00 am. At 11:25 am, three officials reached the site. Before the incident, it is said that the workers were already angry over the manager’s harsh discipline and were unhappy about him taking over the job.

The report further stated that a delegation of some foreign company was scheduled to visit the factory. The manager told the workers that all the machines should be cleared but when the employees refused to do as ordered, the manager removed the stickers by himself. In all essence, it is highly likely that the workers used religious stickers as an excuse to use violence. The stickers had religious inscriptions written on them. The factory owners were nowhere to be seen during the time of the incident.

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