Sick economy back on track due to Imran Khan’s wise efforts: Fawad Ch


ISLAMABAD, Jan 31 (APP): Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Hussain Chaudhary Friday expressed that Prime Minister was taking all meaningful steps to control inflation and his vision had brought the country’s sick economy back on track through great efforts.

The economic condition of the country is getting better with every passing day due to well-planned economic policies of the incumbent government, talking to private news channel.

“The present government is well aware about inflation hurts the lower income group of society where we are taking some serious steps to control it”, he added.

He said no doubt PTI led government’s top priority is to resolve issues of masses.

Fawad said PTI government under the honest leadership of Prime minister Imran khan is taking important measures to contain inflation and bring the economy back on the higher growth trajectory.

Unfortunately, it is becoming a norm that private media picks up a report and start debate without any authenticity, he regretted.

He said one has to verify such views. In fact, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet reduced their salaries too.

He said the previous corrupt rulers have spent over 4.5 billion rupees in their foreign visits whereas PM Imran Khan has visited with much less amount.

Prime Minister Imran Khan constructed the wall of his personal home in Bani Gala from his own pocket and not a single penny from tax amount was spent, he mentioned.

PM Imran Khan is a simple man and best protector of people’s tax money, he added.

He said that PTI was seriously working for the uplift of the country with introducing reforms in national instituions.

He said the parliament was the mother of all institutions and it should be respected.

PM shares vision of strong Pakistan as wealth creation in public interest

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