Sikh Marriage Amendment Act 2021 to be tabled in Punjab Assembly by mid of March: Mahindar Pall Singh


MULTAN, Feb 28 (APP):In order to facilitate over six lakh persons from Sikh Community, Sikh Marriage Amendment Act 2021 will be presented in Punjab Assembly by mid of March, said Provincial Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights Mahindar Pall Singh.
While talking to APP here on Sunday, Mahindar Pall Singh remarked that the Sikh Marriage Bill 2018 was tabled in Punjab Assembly. Due to some issues, a special committee was constituted to make some more recommendations in order to improve the bill. Mahindar Pall observed that the committee had prepared recommendations after consultation with Sikh Scholars and got approval from Akaal Takht Sahib. Pakistan will be the very first country in the world to have such a unique Act which offer separate identity to Sikhs. Even, the same facility was not available in the neighbouring country. In the neighbourly country, the marriages of Sikhs are registered under “Kasadari Hindu” Act. However, the bill prepared in Pakistan gave required identity to the Sikhs. Similarly, it was prepared as per aspirations of the Sikh Community.
Responding to a question, Mahindar Pall Singh stated that Sikh Marriage Amendment Bill was discussed with Akaal Takht Sahib, so it could not be challenged internationally. Akaal Takhat Sahib enjoyed supreme status in Sikhism, he told.
To another question, Mahindar Pall Singh stated, Earlier, Sikh couples got certificates from “Gurdwaras” on occasion of their marriages. Now, after approval from assembly, they would have complete legal status.
Many countries are awaiting Sikh Marriage Amendment Act 2021, said Mahindar Pall adding that Sikhs were residing in different countries so the Pakistani bill would serve as base and the other countries will also adopt it with some amendments as per their own constitution. The parliamentary secretary on human rights Mahindar Pall Singh expressed pleasure and stated that it would be second success for Sikhs after opening of “Kartarpur Corridor”. He also thanked leadership of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf for taking care of rights of the minorities.

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