Sikhs should keep modern weapons in view of circumstances: Akal Takht chief

India: The chief of Akal Takht , Giani Harpreet Singh, one of the highest religious positions in Sikhism has called on Sikhs to keep “modern weapons because circumstances are such”, a reference to evil designs of RSS-backed Modi led fascist regime against minorities especially Sikhs and Muslims.

In a video message, chief of Akal Takht said that Sikh guru Hargobind Sahib has asked his followers to learn horse riding and using weapon.

“Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib preached that every Sikh should become strong by reading Gurbani and at the same time should also be armed and learn the art of horse riding and using weapons. His preaching is still relevant today. It’s necessary even today, especially for the Sikh boys and girls to follow the orders of Guru Hargobind Singh and learn the art of using weapons be it,” Singh said.

His comments sparked a controversy in and outside Punjab. The state’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann said that Giani Harpreet Singh should preach peace, harmony and brotherhood instead of calling on Sikh youths to keep weapons.

State BJP president Ashwani Sharma was quoted in the media as saying that Singh’s statement could send a wrong message to people.