Sindh Govt, World Bank to start Property Tax Survey Project

The spokesman of the Sindh Chief Minister has said that the World Bank will give a loan of 500 million dollars for the construction of houses for the flood victims.

According to the spokesperson of Sindh Chief Minister, a 13-member delegation of the World Bank met Murad Ali Shah in Karachi, the heads of different sectors of the World Bank participated in the delegation.

Sindh Chief Minister said that 268 roads will be repaired with the support of the World Bank, we want to give solar systems to the new houses of the flood victims.

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Murad Ali Shah said that we want to start the construction of destroyed houses in flood affected areas as soon as possible, winter is also starting and our people are suffering. Country director of the World Bank said that funds are going to be released for the housing project.

During the meeting, the Sindh government and the World Bank also agreed to start the property tax survey project soon. The project will be launched in Karachi from next month.

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