Sindh High Court to Hear Matter of Teachers’ Association

HYDERABAD, Jan 07 (APP): The Sindh High Court (SHC) has taken up the matter of registration of the associations representing the government school teachers by the Registrar Joint Stock Companies of Sindh Industries and Commerce Department.

A bench comprising justice Salahuddin Panhwar and justice Amjad Ali Sahito here Thursday summoned officials of the Education and the Industries departments as well as the teachers association to the principal seat in Karachi on January 26.

“No doubt that formation of an association is not prohibited for the civil servants if the same is lawfully registered without coming into conflict with Rule-31 of Sindh Civil Servants (Conduct) Rules, 2009,” the court observed. “… but registration thereof with the industries department gives rise to a question that as to whether the Society Registration Act, 1860, covered that aspect or otherwise.”

The bench noted that the petitioners claimed to be representatives of an association of the primary school teachers who were burdened to raise the foundation of the new generation.

“Therefore, their prime devotion should be for the children and their own interests must come later,” the bench observed. The bench added that a civil servant was always believed and hoped to lean towards devotion whenever they had to choose between devotion and interest. The court said forming an association should never be at the cost of the obligations of a civil servant. The bench raised the questions that whether the civil servants could use the government buildings for meetings of their association or could take part in the association’s activities during the duty hours.

“Whether the Society Act covers registration of any such association if registered with the industries department?”

The petition was filed by the President of All Sindh Primary Teachers Association, Sukkur district.

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