Sindh Police ‘reaches’ Lahore to take back Dua Zahra


In a big development in the Dua Zahra case, the Sindh Home department granted permission to Karachi Police Thursday to shift back Dua Zahra from Lahore for a medical checkup in Karachi to determine her real age.

As per the Baaghi TV report, Karachi police will shift the Dua Zahra after permission from the Lahore police and in full coordination with the local police.

According to Dua Zahra’s father lawyer Gibran Nasir, after the formation of the medical board, all the necessary documents have been submitted.

He said that Dua Zahra’s father have submitted all the relevant documents and answered all the questions about Dua.

He said now it is up to the Investigation Office IO of the case when he will present Dua.

Earlier, during a live session with YouTuber “Zaneera”, Dua Zahra said, “Stop lying, I don’t need your sympathies, and I know how much you care for me, I know everything, and I am aware. You should respect my husband. And what you say about him that he is from a gang and all, stop saying this.”

“Someone on social media commented that if you have such a daughter who flees from home, what would you do?” YouTuber Zaneera said, asking Zahra to respond.