Six accused of vehicle theft gang arrested



Lahore: The Anti- Vehicle Lifting Staff(AVLS) arrested six accused of an active gang with previous record of vehicles theft and recovered from them 18 vehicles, 170 motorbikes worth rupees 02 crore 07 lakh along with Rs. 07 lakh cash worth.

SP AVLS while addressing a Press Conference, on Wednesday at
AVLS Saddar division said that a gang of professional thieves had been active in the city. Anti Vehicle Lifting Staff Lahore devised a plan to arrest them and in an operation arrested 06 accused of the gang including Danish, Ehsan, Azeem alias Jeema, Ahad, Zahid and Bilal. These accused had previous criminal record of vehicle theft. Police recovered from them 18 vehicles, 170 motorcycles, 07 cars, 10 rickshaws and a truck. The SP Anti Vehicle Lifting sStaff further said that the arrested accused had confessed of several other incidents of vehicle theft in different parts of the city. The accused used to escape from the houses and parking stands by unlocking the vehicles through master keys. It is pertinent to mention that the accused used to take the stolen vehicles to KPK and sell them at exorbitant price. The arrested accused had been committing vehicle theft in different areas of Lahore for a long time, SP added. Aftab Phullarwan said that the arrest of professional criminals would significantly reduce the graph of vehicle theft in the city. SP AVLS said that protection of life and property of citizens was the top priority of the Lahore police and crackdown against criminals would continue in future. In the end, the keys of the recovered vehicles were also handed over to the original owners by the SP AVLs.