Six acquitted in NBP corruption case worth billions

Accountability Court acquits 6 accused in reference to NBP

The Accountability Court acquitted 6 accused in the reference of fraud, corruption, and misuse of power worth 2.5 billion rupees in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

The acquitted officers include Muzaffar Siddiqui, Muhammad Shakeel, Muhammad Afzal, Waqas Ahmed, Sarwar Khan and Asif Siddiqui. Lawyer Shaukat Hayat advocate had said in arguments that there is no concrete evidence against the accused and there are no original documents that have been presented.

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The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) submitted evidence containing copies instead of originals, he added. The lawyers said that the accused have been imprisoned for 7 years on a baseless charge, they should be acquitted.

According to NAB, 6 accused including National Bank Airport Branch Manager Muzaffar Zuberi were arrested in 2015. NAB stated, accused were involved in fraud, embezzlement and misuse of powers.

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