Sky Wings Aviation Exposes CAA’s Anti-Business Attitude!

Sky Wings Aviation, a small aviation business in Pakistan, totally exposed Air Transport and Commercial Departments of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for their brutal and anti-business attitude towards the airplane operators in Pakistan.

It was surprising for this subscribe to learn that the press release issued by CAA spokesperson against the concerned company and owner of the company was totally fake and baseless. The company and the owner of the company were seriously implicated for lying, not being security cleared and having non credible financial status sighted for not issuing the required aviation licenses.

A million dollar question is as to who issues a Fake and Full of Lies press release against its own customer? Provided you treat your customer as a customer.

Sky Wings Aviation using it’s attorney served a legal notice to CAA with evidences of lies of the spokesperson of CAA. The legal notice refutes all the claims and provided credible evidences which clearly indicates that some kind of personal vendetta or extortion was on play behind the allegations made by CAA.

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It all started with a letter written to the Prime Minister (PM) and the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) by the owner of the company as a SOS call for saving the company from high-handedness of CAA’s commercial department and delays of about two and a half years in issuance of basic business licenses.

Did we write to Indian Prime Minister or the Indian CJP that the CAA had to respond so cruelly? Asked the company spokesperson and we didn’t have any answer to that.

The letter claims that if basic business licenses are not issued then how will the aviation industry progress?

It seems that the industry suffers at the hands of non regulatory functions like Air Transport and Economic Oversight and Commercial Departments of CAA where incompetent people who even do not understand what economic oversight is and what a commercial activity means are sitting on senior positions and are largely dependent on their clerical staff. The incompetence makes the Aviation Industry suffer.

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Both these departments do not even understand that Operators or Aviation Companies are their customers and they treat them as their subservient since the weak legislation is being exploited.

CAA is exposed to the level that closure of various companies in the past has become questionable as previous closures are linked to the similar actions which CAA took against Sky Wings. But this little company took a stand and exposed them to the general public.

Once contacted for comments CAA declined by saying that we have nothing to say in this regard. However, Sky Wings did confirm on the contents of their Legal Notice to CAA Pakistan and showed it’s determination to bring a change in the aviation industry.

It’s worth mentioning here that Sky Wings is the same company which made headlines for Truck Art Aircraft, One Day Pilot program, Mohenjo Daro Tourism Flights, Moving and Flying Art Gallery of the World and remains in Top Five positions on Trip Advisor.

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State Regulator needs to ponder on this grave situation as basic Air Transport license are issued in various countries with in 24 hours and even online for ease of doing business.

Earlier, Baaghi TV reported that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will conduct a complete audit of Pakistan CAA from November 29, 2021 to December 10, 2021. Is the state regulator ready for this audit??

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