SOURCE, world’s first renewable drinking water, in the UAE

SOURCE, launched by Masafi is the world’s first renewable drinking water in the United Arab Emirates.

Masafi recently made an announcement that they are going to launch renewable and sustainable bottled water, named SOURCE. This water will be the first of its kind in the whole world. They have decided to launch it in the UAE initially and then across the Gulf Coast soon.

This is supposed to be the best and the purest water on the earth which is directly taken from the pure water vapors. Coming from an entirely new and endlessly renewable source that is locally created, the only source used to get this water is the sun. This would be the only premium bottled drinking water in the entire world introduced by PCB.

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Initially, this water is in the purest of its form and is mineralized later to improve its taste for a better drinking experience and better health. Another amazing fact about SOURCE is that it is packed in renewable and reusable bottles, therefore, it’s highly environment friendly. This water contains a very little carbon footprint. The reason behind this is everything in the process is being done locally.

The best part is yet to come. For every liter of this water that is sold, another liter of the same water is donated to water-scarce areas by SOURCE and its partners.

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The brand president of SOURCE Global, PCB, Neil Grimmer has an aim to design this drink especially to create healthy earth where people are conscious about their well-being. He also aims to provide the world with high-class bottled water that is eco-friendly and wants to revolutionize the water drinking experience for the people.

PBC has partnered with Masafi to complete this project and is excited to bring it to GCC. Masafi is a leader company in the Middle Eastern industry and is known to be the pioneer of deep earth drinking water.

They have officially announced to provide the area with SOURCE still, sparkling, and flavored sparkling water. They will be using high-quality, renewable, and reusable glass-bottled for the packaging.

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This would be the world’s largest water farm which will be made with the collaboration of Masafi with SOURCE in the Masafi mountains. The product of this collaboration will cater to consumer needs and will present the future of the breakthrough of technology and water. The exact location of the water farms will be the Hajjar Mountains at Masafi in Ras Al Khaimah.

A lot of people have shown their interest in buying eco-friendly products but the biggest hindrance in the change of mind and routine is the lack and unavailability of eco-friendly products.

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The CEO of Masafi, Al Ghurair proudly presents this venture and says that it is a milestone that they were able to achieve after 44 long years. According to him one of the biggest unsolved problems of the people of the region was easy access to clean and pure water. This project will help to solve this problem forever as people will now have complete access to safe and healthy drinking water that too in eco-friendly packaging.

SOURCE, world’s first renewable drinking water, in the UAE | Baaghi TV
PHOTO: With SOURCE, people will now have complete access to safe and healthy drinking water, that too in eco-friendly packaging.

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Since this was the region with an alarming scarcity of water to such an extent where there was a drought threat. The water project identified many countries that needed urgent global attention and the UAE was also one of them, therefore, SOURCE decided to start a big donation project along with the existing water project. As mentioned earlier, for every liter sold, SOURCE and its partner will donate a liter to the needy areas.

The technology used in the making of SOURCE water Is patented hydro panel technology. The process is to get energy from the sun in order to create good quality drinking water. The entire process is completely electricity-free and does not need the traditional infrastructure.

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The SOURCE in partnership with Masafi has come up with an extremely viable solution to a very severe problem with a minimum expenditure of natural resources. This project is expected to become the largest off-grid landmark in the region with such quality water which has minerals, is safe to drink, and will have flavored sprinkling water as well.

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This write-up has been contributed by Farid Khan. He is a sports journalist, who’s currently Head of Digital Media at Cricwick & Cricingif. He is a former Social Media Manager for Peshawar Zalmi. He has covered HBL PSL, Lanka Premier League, and T10 League among other franchise comps. He can be reached at @NotFareed on Twitter.

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