Spain asks EU to treat COVID-19 like a “flu”

Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, approached the European Union to discuss the chance of treating COVID-19 as an endemic disease, same as this season’s viral flu.

“The situation is not what we faced a year ago,” Sánchez said in a radio meeting with Spain’s Cadena SER. “I think we have to evaluate the evolution of COVID to an endemic illness, from the pandemic we have faced up until now.”

Such a move, which would exchange unending lockdowns and every day diseases counts for a framework that would follow COVID waves like it presently tracks seasonal influenza, runs in sharp differentiation to the bearing taken by COVID-zero advocates like China, which basically confined the 5 million inhabitants of Anyang Tuesday from the remainder of the nation in the wake of finding around 60 Omicron cases there.

The push by Spain could likewise run into opposition from European nations confronting higher antibody aversion, similar to Germany, which is planning to present an intense immunization order, and France, where President Emmanuel Macron said he needed to “annoy” the unvaccinated by making it almost difficult to participate in open life.

The “sentinel” COVID observing framework being created by the wellbeing service of Spain reflects the one used to screen influenza flare-ups in the country. It utilizes test information from chose specialists to foresee and react to illness waves as opposed to attempting to count each case with the test-and-follow framework that can overpower wellbeing frameworks.

“Now, given [Omicron’s] enormous transmissibility, it is a huge challenge to strictly comply with universal surveillance protocols. It’s becoming impossible,” Amparo Larrauri, who heads the reconnaissance bunch for flu and other respiratory infections at Spain’s National Epidemiology Center, told the El País paper.

Educator Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo, a disease transmission expert at the Autonomous University of Madrid, takes note of that Spain has for a really long time been utilizing the “sentinel” framework to enhance cases counts, yet that while the thought is “sensible” it is “not satisfactory” when it should start to put less accentuation on hard case counts.

Lately, Spain has moved toward Omicron-the country’s 6th COVID wave-with less seriousness than numerous different nations. In a bid to relax COVID’s disaster for the economy and educational system, it cut the disengagement time frame for the COVID tainted from 10 to seven days, and chose to isolation understudies from study halls just when five cases were found.

Not all disease transmission experts are in concurrence with Sánchez’s push to rethink COVID, notwithstanding.

“It’s premature to talk about the ‘flu-ization’ of COVID,”  said Daniel López-Acuña, a previous chief at the WHO, in a TV talk with Monday.

“It is inappropriate to trivialize the sixth wave and think that we are in an endemic phase. This type of discourse does not obey a rigorous epidemiological analysis. It will happen in many months, not now.”

Spain has a personal stake in different nations embracing milder limitations that take into consideration travel, as before the pandemic over 12% of its GDP came from the travel industry.

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