Thursday, September 28

Special Court adjourns Musharraf treason trial till October 8


ISLAMABAD, Sep 24 (APP):The special court constituted to try former president Pervez Musharraf for high treason under Article 6 of Constitution for abrogating and subverting constitution by proclamation of emergency in the country on November 03, 2007, on Tuesday adjourned hearing of the case till October 8 with the directions that no adjournment would further be given in the case.

A two-member special court comprising Justice Nazeer Akbar and Justice Shahid Kareem heard the case.

The government’s nominated counsel for Pervez Musharraf, Raza Bashir requested the court for a meeting with the ex-president and sought more time for a preparation in the case.

On which Jusitce Nazeer Akbar expressing his annoyance remarked that the time for recording statement had passed. He asked Raza Bashir that he was appointed to assist the court as the accused has not been appearing before it. He asked him that if he would not give arguments then the court would write a order.

He asked the counsel why he had filed a petition seeking to be given a one month time.

Raza Bashir replied that he belonged to Lahore and filed the petition after reaching here. Like the earlier counsels, who were given time, he should be also provided a chance otherwise he would quit the case.

Justice Nazeer Akbar responded that wherever from he belonged no adjournment would be given any more. The Supreme Court had said that the time had passed to record 342 statement, he added.

Justice Shahid Kareem asked Raza Bashir that his attitude with the court was not good and asked why he was saying that the court was not giving him time. The court did not receive any application in that regard and had any received the court would reject it.

He asked the counsel to start arguments in the case.

Raza Bashir tendered an apology over filing of the petition seeking more time. Justice Nazeer Akbar remarked that one should not seek apology from the court rather should behave in a good manner.

Raza Bashir was named the counsel of former president Pervez Musharraf to plead his case before the special court.

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