Steps being taken to promote banking sector: Governor SBP

KARACHI, Oct 10: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Dr Reza Baqir said that the we are making efforts to promote banking sector in Pakistan.

Governor State Bank Pakistan Dr Reza Baqir said that efforts are being made to digitalis current economic system because that is an easy and documented solution of economic situation of Pakistan.He was addressing to a seminar regarding economic condition and challenges.

“The digitisation will allow consumers to make payments through their mobile phones. It is in our future plan to give facilities on money deposited in savings’ accounts and national saving. I appeal nationals to show patience as our revenue is gradually increasing besides witnessing a reduction in current account deficit.”

Head of state bank said common man facing problems due to illegal money transfer.He said tough decisions must be taken to save continually dropping foreign reserves.He said in past governments had taken political decisions that effect economy badly.

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