Struggling bird saved by Rescue 1122 outside LHC

LAHORE: Rescue department officials managed to save a crow which was entangled in kite strings at the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday.

The bird’s cries were heard by passing-by litigants and lawyers, who subsequently called the Rescue 1122 service to save the crow.

The officials, at first, weren’t able to reach the crow, which was stuck at the very top of a huge tree. They then called a ladder-bucket vehicle, specially designed to rescue humans and animals from high heights.

The two rescue officials then managed to reach the crow by the help of the ladder-bucket vehicle. They applied medical aid to the injured parts of the bird and then set it free after giving it water.

The entire rescue effort took around two hours, as rescue personnel also had to subsequently deal with other crows that were encircling the tree, perceiving the human-beings as a threat to their stuck friend.

Whilst talking about the incident to The Express Tribune, the two brave rescuers stated that all life is precious, be it of humans of animals. The two officials added that they had only fulfilled their obligation and duty.

The rescue staff said that unlike human beings, animals cannot cry for help, and they were more than happy to have rescued a struggling bird.