Students demand release of Hafiz Saeed.

Students in conversation with Baaghitv, have demanded the release of Hafiz Saeed, following the rising tensions in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK) after the revoke of Article 370 and Article 35-A of Indian constitution, which has ripped the Kashmir of its special status.

Students in exclusive talks with the Baaghitv, have demanded the release of Hafiz Saeed, the head of Jammat ud Dawa (JUD) to fight for the cause of Kashmiris. Several colleges and university students said, they are ready to die for their nation and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the just cause of Kashmir.

A student said, this is our collective responsibility now to respond to the Indian aggression in Indian occupied Kashmir. It is our collective duty to apprise the other states of the Indian atrocities in the Indian occupied Kashmir through our diplomatic missions abroad.

Students said, we will not sit silent on this issue and will fight till the end for the just cause of Kashmiris. It is high time, we should raise this issue in United Nations and tell the whole world about the gross violation of human rights in the Indian occupied Kashmir by the Indian security forces.

Baaghitv asked a student of notable university about the plights of Kashmiris; who are living in miserable conditions these days, students are allowed to enter the educational institutions and doctors are not allowed to visit patients, who are in dire need of medical treatment. Student replied, these tasks will be done by die-hard supporter of the Kashmiris, Hafiz Saeed who will resolve these issues amicably.

Another student, Baaghitv spoke with demanded the immediate release of the head of proscribed organization, Hafiz Saeed who has been imprisoned on the demand of other states.

A student said, Hafiz Saeed is a patriot and we must not imprisoned patriots on the behest of other states. It is high time, these patriot leaders to be released to lead the movement for the just cause of Kashmir. It is the time we should give befitting respond to the Indian aggression and students will leave no stone unturned for the just cause of their Kashmiri brethren.

A student said, the alarm-bells are ringing as India is violating the treaties signed with Pakistan and has violated Indus Water Treaty in the past and now, India has violated the UN recognized status of Kashmir. We[Pakistan] should tread carefully and respond to the Indian conspiracies in a befitting way.

Another student said, we should stand with our valiant army at this critical time and if India is not confronted at this time, India will advance in its nefarious designs aimed at Pakistan. India will hatch new conspiracies against Pakistan and Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK). It’s time to act not to deliver speeches. We should be at forefront to fight along with our valiant armed forces.


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