Sudan Coup: Thousands gather for protests across the nation

 Baaghi TV: Thousands of people take to streets for nationwide protests against this week’s military coup, with demands to return to a civilian-led government.

Protestors in Khartoum, the capital and other cities demand that PM Abdullah Hamdok must be immediately reinstated.

According to reports, civilian rule was dissolved earlier on Monday by the military coup leader Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan and security forces have Khartoum under siege. The military justifies its actions by stating that takeover is necessary to avoid political infighting and potential “civil war” yet the current situation has earned considerable condemnation across the world.

On Saturday, protests were led in Khartoum with Sudanese flags and chants of “No to military rule!”, while no significant reports of violence have been received so far.

“People here are very peaceful. These protests are going to continue being peaceful even when faced with the guns,” Shaheen al Shaheef, a member of the Khartoum Resistance Committee said.

He further added, “However, we do realize the current situation of Burhan – he has lost all his backing. This is really a one-person coup, there is nothing, no-one else to back him.”

However, at least 10 protesters were reportedly killed in clashes with the security forces this week.

Sudanese authorities have terminated internet and other communications and imposed restricted movement.

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