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Sunita Marshall talks about lessons she learned through ‘Pinjra’

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KARACHI (24 Nov. 2022): Pakistani model turned actress, Sunita Marshall, recently appeared for an interview with Fuchsia magazine where she discussed Pinjra a serial tackling issues surrounding parenting stereotypes. 

In conversation with Fuchsia Magazine‘s Rabia Mughni, Marshall, 41, discussed her career, personal growth, and parenting style and the lessons she has learned from her latest on-air project, Pinjra

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Talking about her experience in Pinjra, Marshall said that she has changed her approach with her kids. She said, “After reading the script I slowly changed my attitude toward my children”. The actress said that once she started working on the project, she started to realize whether she was making similar mistakes with her own children. 

Being a part of the project has taught me that comparing two children, even if they are one’s own, is not the right thing to do. The Dil Zaar Zaar actress added that raising our voices with kids over homework “is so wrong”. “When I realized this, I changed myself, now I am very different with my kids”, said Marshall. 

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When asked about how to deal with the husband when he doesn’t earn or earns less than the wife, Marshall said that men are “naturally very aggressive” so if a woman remains calm and deals with the situation with patience, talking to the husband with love then this makes things better. Referencing her experience, Marshall said that she learned this approach from her own experiences.

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On the topic of the religious difference with her husband, Marshall said when they got to know each other in the “initial phases” they didn’t give much thought to the fact that she is Christian and her husband Hassan Ahmed, 40, is a Muslim. However, the actress went on to say that she later decided her children should be raised as Muslims. Adding to that the Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3, the actress said, “people send me DMs on Instagram to ask if I regret my decision. I do not, I like the fact that my kids are on one line”.

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