Supreme Court order to remove commercial establishments around Taj Mahal

Indian Supreme Court’s order that bans commercial activities within 500 metre radius of the Taj Mahal has put a question mark on the fate of hundreds of shops operating around the structure. The Agra Development Authority (ADA) has been directed to immediately ensure the halting of all such activities.

The order was passed after a group of shopkeepers filed a petition on being asked to move to another location. They said in their appeal that while they were told to shift, several other commercial activities were still going on in the area. At least 500 outlets will suffer as a consequence of the decision, with around 50,000 people at the risk of losing their jobs.

The establishments are now planning to file a review petition in the apex court.

The body has reportedly already started surveying the properties. ADA vice-chairman Charchit Gaur said, “We have begun the survey processing of the businesses. After the completion of the survey, we will identify the businesses and act accordingly to the order of the Supreme Court.”