Supreme Court to hear Imran Khan contempt case on November 7

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court set the next hearing date for the contempt of court case against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for November 7.

As Khan recovers from the bullet wounds he got in an assassination attempt in Wazirabad, his attorney filed a petition seeking a postponement of the contempt of court proceedings against him before the supreme court earlier today.

Monday at 11:30 a.m., a five-judge wider bench of the Supreme Court will resume hearing the contempt case against Khan.

Today, the Supreme Court requested a detailed response from Imran Khan in the contempt case (November 5).

“Not aware of any statement or commitment”

In a reply to the Supreme Court dated October 31, the PTI chairman stated that he was unaware of any “statement or undertaking” provided on his behalf by the party leadership about the May 25 march.

The Supreme Court had directed the PTI chairman and his attorneys to submit a response by October 31 regarding the violations made by the party during the May 25 march, which prevented it from staging the march near the Peshawar River between the H-9 and G-9 areas of Islamabad.

“The answering respondent respectfully submits that he was not aware of any statement or undertaking made before this honorable court on behalf of the’senior leadership of the PTI’ or on his behalf on May 25, 2022, nor of the details, including with regard to the D Chowk area, of the order passed by this honorable court around 6:00 p.m. on May 25, 2022,” the former prime minister stated in his written response.

In this connection, it is crucial to note that the highest court requested a thorough response from Khan on November 5 (today) and deferred the case.

Due to his injuries, however, the PTI chairman was unable to appear in court today, and his attorney submitted a motion to postpone the hearing.

The case

The federal government filed a contempt of court petition against PTI Chairman Imran Khan on October 13 over his demand for a protracted march to Islamabad.

In its plea, the federal government informed the supreme court that the PTI chief’s announcements of a march toward Islamabad violated a court order.

“Imran Khan is threatening to strike Islamabad,” the plea states. It urged the apex court to direct the PTI head to ensure that its orders on protests and sit-ins are carried out.

The interior ministry has submitted the petition on behalf of the federal government.