Sushant Singh Rajput’s co-star ends his life?

Baaghi TV: On June 14 last year, the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, committed suicide and embraced death, following which his co-star in the film ‘Dhoni’ has also committed suicide.

According to Indian News Agency, actor Sandeep Nahar, who played the role in Sushant Singh Rajput’s film ‘Dhoni’ and ‘Kesari’ with Akshay Kumar, shared a video and a suicide note on his Facebook profile. Sandeep has given reasons for his suicide and said that he is facing personal and professional problems.

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In his letter, Sandeep wrote, “I don’t want to live anymore. I have seen so many joys and sorrows in life, I have faced every problem, but the trauma I am going through today is unbearable.”

In his last letter, Sandeep wrote, “I know that committing suicide is cowardice. I also had to live, but what is the use of living without peace and self-respect?”

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“My wife Kanchan Sharma and her mother Vanu Sharma did not understand me and did not try to understand me,” Sandeep added. “My wife has a sharp temper, she and I have different personalities and we have no connection. I do not have the strength to endure day and night of quarrels”.

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Sandeep further wrote that, there is nothing wrong with his wife for his suicide, this is her nature. “I would have committed suicide a long time ago but, I gave myself time but every day I am stuck in a cycle of the same kind of fights from which there is no other way to get out”.

In the end, Sandeep wrote, “My life has become hell, maybe I will find peace after death. I don’t know what the next life will be like, but I will face it anyway. My only request is that after I leave, do not say anything to (wife) Kanchan, just get her brain treated”.

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