Taliban call for international aid as WHO chief visits Kabul

Sept 21, 2021: The group’s spokesman said the Taliban on Monday urged the international community to provide aid to Afghanistan during a meeting with World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebryseus.

“If the international community does not provide assistance in the health sector and other areas, Afghanistan will face a humanitarian crisis,” political office spokesman Dr Muhammad Naeem said, quoting Afghanistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Mullah Hassan Akhund.

Akhund also repeatedly called for an end to the freezing of funds in Afghanistan by several countries and institutions after the Taliban took control of Kabul in August, and demanded that sanctions on Taliban leaders be lifted.

In the presence of the WHO delegation to Kabul who arrived on Mon day and was headed by Ghebryseus and regional head, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, Afghanistan’s Prime Minister, Mullah Hassan Akhund,stressed the urgent need for the world to accept Taliban regime and start dialogue to save the country from collapsing under the crisis,  “Pressures will not resolve the problems, they can be solved through dialogue. Those sanctions which are still in place should be removed.”

According to the Taliban, the WHO chief said the agency would try to save Afghanistan from a humanitarian crisis and increase aid. He acknowledged that the funds donated by the international community had been “frozen” before coming to power, and promised to try and release them.

A WHO official said earlier this month that hundreds of medical facilities in Afghanistan were in danger of closing soon because Western donors financing them were barred from dealing with the new Taliban government.

Rick Brennan, the UN health agency’s regional emergency director, feared that 90 percent of the country’s 2,2300 health facilities could be shut down. Brennan said, “We will stop operations in a large proportion of these (health facilities).”

More than 18 million people in Afghanistan need humanitarian assistance to survive.

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