Taliban interim govt releases new constitutional framework

The Taliban interim government has released a new constitutional framework in Afghanistan. According to reports, the basic and legal framework in Afghanistan consists of 40 points under which the people of Afghanistan will enjoy basic human rights and justice equally.

The official languages of Afghanistan have been identified as Dari and Pashto, and Islam is its religion on the official level. According to reports, Afghanistan which is an independent, sovereign Islamic Emirate has allowed other religions and minorities to practice freely under Sharia law and claimed that any problems on the diplomatic level with its neighbors, will be resolved.

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On the other hand, Deputy Minister of Information under the caretaker government, Zabihullah Mujahid said, that the world has recognized the government of the Islamic Emirate and the right of the Afghan people. He added that the concerns of the United States and other international bodies are unfounded. We stated in the beginning and promised that Afghanistan will not be used against anyone. 

Zabihullah Mujahid added that the Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are not in Afghanistan, and were a group be found in the mountain range, the Taliban will take action against them. The people of Afghanistan have survived the war, and are in need of help. 

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Earlier, Acting Minister for Information and Culture Khairullah Khairkhwa said, “We (Ministry of Information and Culture, Taliban and media) should work together to show the nation that the people will benefit from it.” The content of these media outlets should not lead to “deterioration” of public mindset and promotion of non-Islamic and non-Afghan culture, he said, adding that the content should be in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence, Afghan etiquette, and principles of Afghan traditions. The media must work with the mindset of the youth.

During the Taliban’s rule in Kabul, they changed or suspended most media programs. Satire and music programs have stopped in the media and the presence of women has also decreased. Khairullah Khairkhwa also said that media content should not be used to promote un-Islamic and non-Afghan culture.

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