Taliban seek Indian investment and resumption of projects

Afghanistan: Taliban have sought Indian investment and revival of New Delhi-supported infrastructure projects in the country during a meeting last week.

The meeting took place between the Taliban’s minister for Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) Hamdullah Nomani and the head of India’s technical team in the country, Bharat Kumar.

Taliban’s Suhail Shaheen told WION, “meeting focused on matters relating to the resumption of the work of incomplete projects previously initiated by India. Also, Indian participation in investment in building new Kabul city.” He also assured of the security of Indian investment in the country.

India in the past has been responsible for major infrastructure projects in the country, from the Parliament building in Kabul to the India-Afghanistan friendship dam in Herat.

Around 433 High Impact Community Development Projects have been completed with Indian financial support in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

During FY 2019-20, 37 projects were completed in various provinces of Afghanistan under the High Impact Community Development Project (HICDP) scheme of the Indian government.

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August last year, the implementation of projects was impacted. New Delhi had also evacuated its diplomats out of the country after the Taliban’s come back.

In June, India announced that it will deploy its technical team with a focus on the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

“India has a historical and civilizational relationship with the Afghan people. In order to closely monitor and coordinate the efforts of various stakeholders for the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance and in continuation of our engagement with the Afghan people, an Indian technical team has reached Kabul”, MEA in a statement had said. The team consists of diplomats and other officials.