Taliban Takeover: People running in fear or lust for money?

Taliban-Takeover-People-running-in-fear-or-lust-for-money #Baaghi

Some days ago, we were watching the Afghan Taliban-occupied areas on Twitter, on TV channels when it was reported on Al-Jazeera TV that the Afghan Taliban have occupied 85% of the territory of Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban did not want to enter Kabul, but the Kabul administration’s army, seeing the situation in other provinces where the Afghan army is surrendering in groups, felt safe. Why don’t we surrender and get out of the narrow alley so that the Taliban’s tactics do not change and we are not able to escape?

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Similarly, the Afghan army surrendered in Kabul as well as the security forces in Kabul. The Afghan Taliban were forced to enter Kabul to take control of the security situation. It was too late for the Afghan Taliban to enter Kabul.

A wave of joy swept over the religious community and sweets were distributed, while the Afghan Taliban’s Kabul entry rained lightning on the liberal class and the secular class. Crowds of people at Kabul Airport on the other hand saw that in human history such scenes have not been seen at the airport of any country in the world which was seen at Kabul Airport. In the last few weeks, the world saw how the plane was full from the inside forcing others to attempt escape by holding onto the plane tires. Suddenly, three men hanging from the plane’s tires, one after the other, fell to the ground. Millions of people watched the scene of the three youths’ heartbreaking incident. The question now is whether hanging in the air from a plane tire is fatal or living under a Taliban regime is? 

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A conscious man will never hang from the tires of a plane, but he would prefer to hang from the tires of a plane to stay in the Taliban government. I have an Afghan friend, he was born in Pakistan. The funny thing is that he has never been to Afghanistan in his 27 years of life. We were sitting in a hotel, eating samosas when he said that many of my relatives have reached America. Now I have to go to Kabul, then to the USA. I will go there and collect dollars from the British. Then I will send those dollars to Pakistan and buy a plot. They wanted to hang out and go to America. They were not running away from the Taliban, they were running after the dollars and the spectacle at Kabul Airport these days is mostly about people who want to go to the United States for free and collect dollars from the British there.

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The day before yesterday, a similar incident took place with one family member. The truck driver left the truck at the Torkham border and reached the United States via Kabul. Here in Afghanistan, his family members were looking for him in exile. A few days later, he said that he had arrived in the United States. They did not run for fear of the Afghan Taliban, but for the dollars. Seeing the scenes at Kabul Airport sent the same message to the people that ordinary citizens are leaving their homeland for fear of the Taliban, but on the other side of the picture, the world has not seen that people are running after dollars.

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This write-up has been contributed by Ikramullah Naseem. He can be reached at @realikramnaseem

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