Taliban told to uphold international legal obligations in Troika Plus

Taliban-told-to-uphold-international-legal-obligations-in-Troika-Plus #Baaghi

Nov 12, 2021: The Pakistan-hosted Troika Plus meeting sent a clear message to the Taliban government in Afghanistan to uphold its international legal obligations, including international law and the universally recognized principles of basic human rights.

The ninth meeting of the group comprising Pakistan, China, Russia and USA was held in Islamabad. He called on the caretaker Afghan government to be friendly with its neighbors. Afghanistan’s interim foreign minister Amir Khan Mottaki was specially invited by Pakistan to attend the meeting.

Afghanistan Ambassador Muhammad Sadiq, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, Special Representative of the State Department and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Afghanistan, Russia’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov and China’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Afghanistan, Yu Xiaoong, attended the Troika Plus meet in the Foreign Office.

This is Thomas West’s first visit to Pakistan since taking over from Zalmai Khalilzad. Pakistan, without naming the United States at the Troika summit, said efforts should be made to enable Afghanistan to access its frozen funds, which would include efforts to revive economic activity and move the Afghan economy towards stability and sustainability.

The United States has withheld billions of dollars from US banks under former President Ashraf Ghani. In a joint statement, the troika sent a strong message to Kabul, regional countries and world capitals.

Addressing the Taliban, the Troika said they had expectations that they would take decisive action against the terrorists, pledging their commitment to stop using Afghan territory against their neighbors, and other countries in the region and the world.

The troika has called on the Taliban to provide humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan in response to the growing crisis, including the unhindered access of humanitarian aid workers.

The Taliban was also asked to work with fellow Afghans to form a comprehensive and representative government that respects the rights of all Afghans and provides equal rights for women and girls to participate in all aspects of Afghan society.

The Troika announced that it would continue its practical engagement with the Taliban to encourage the implementation of moderate and prudent policies that could help achieve a stable and prosperous Afghanistan as soon as possible.

The troika recalled relevant UN Security Council resolutions on Afghanistan, including respect for Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, which is free from terrorism and drug-related crimes, and which contributes to regional stability and connectivity.

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