Taliban were invited into Kabul, claims former President

Foreign Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, has made surprising revelations claiming that the Taliban were invited into Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, prior to the August 15 takeover. 

According to reports, the Taliban were invited to Kabul to “discuss a negotiated power-sharing agreement” which is contrary to the public opinion of a takeover. The former President added that it was to ensure the country doesn’t fall into chaos in the wake of the US withdrawal.

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According to the Times of India, “Afghanistan witnessed a swift fall of US-backed Afghan forces” which could lead the country and its people into turmoil.  Karzai told international media that the ‘peaceful’ negotiations were meant to protect the interests of the Afghan people from “unwanted elements” that could cause harm. 

The officials were told to stay in their place during the peaceful takeover, according to reports. “I and others spoke to various officials and assurances were given to us that, yes, that was the case, that the Americans and the government forces were holding firm to the places [and] that Kabul would not fall”, claimed Hamid Karzai, former Afghan President. 

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Karzai went on to say that the Taliban government should take all steps necessary to ensure that interests of the public are safeguarded and that the country is stabilized. 

Earlier on Tuesday, a representative of the United Nations (UN) had said that respecting the fundamental rights of the people is essential to moving towards a stable Afghanistan. 

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Nada Al-Nashif, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights said, “How the de facto authorities – indeed, and the international community – address the drastic economic and human crises in the country” will determine the future the country. 

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