Taxi driver’s honesty impresses Australia based Pakistani journalist

Australia-based Pakistani journalist Mahvish Tabassum shared an inspiring incident of a Taxi driver’s honesty. Mahvish said that she was really impressed by the taxi driver who not only took care of her lost purse but also returned her with utmost care.

Mahvish said she booked the ride to take her baby to the hospital in a rush.

She said the taxi driver whose name was Christopher Patrick, nicely treated her as per the common values in Australia.

Mahvish said that she forgot her purse while she was leaving the vehicle.

Later during the medical checkup, she told her worry to the hospital staff and management.

As per the Baaghi TV report, to her surprise, hospital authorities were on their toes to find and locate the lost purse.

In a short time, the taxi driver Patrick came back and returned her purse with all the documents and valuables in it.

She said honesty is something which you can find anywhere. Mahvish termed this incident of honesty as an example to other people involved in the same profession. She urged everyone to be honest in their dealings whatever profession they are involved in.