There Is No Fight Between Me And Taylor Swift: Sheryl Crow Clears

NEW YORK: Singer Sheryl Crow has cleared that there is no fight between her and Taylor Swift.

According to details Sheryl Crow wants her fans to know there was no “Bad Blood” meant between her and Taylor Swift. She took to Twitter to clarify some comments about Taylor Swift’s battle for her masters. “To those who thought I was downplaying Taylor Swift’s masters changing hands, I chose the wrong word. I should have said I don’t know what the situation is instead of the word stink which sounds extremely negative. I have total respect for Taylor & always wish the best for her.” she clarified.




Reportedly, On the show, Crow, who recently joined Swift’s former label Big Machine Records, was asked about the “Lover” singer’s very public feud with the label and celebrity manager Scooter Braun over the rights to her masters.  At the time, Crow said, “I don’t know what the big stink was.”

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